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One-Step Platform for a Stable Bullish Trend, Bridging Community and Cryptoverse with Passion, The next moonshot meme token of 2022.


The firm and independent community on Binance Smart Chain network strengthened by strong members full of vision and passion. Woof Inu is inspired by large strong dogs barks which symbolizes also an aggressiveness and eagerness. With Woof Inu, an eagerness to reach a long term goal is a massive priority. This coin is powered by real utility centered on giving back to its community. Backed up by light speed transactions, low gas/ cheap tax, and an overflowing passive income for its holders, this meme coin will be a bridge for modern NFT’s to become an asset and a tool for generating income.

woof inu mission

Become a sustainable token and build a strong foundation in the meme coin world. Woof Inu aims to achieve an innovative future for every holders and provide a passive earnings for their investments. This token’s goal is to provide the highest quality and secured Cryptocurrency platform with an efficient community management, creative asset design, strong communication and engaging visuals and websites. 


Total Supply



Buy & Sell 5%

No Burned Token

100% Goes To Initial Liquidity Pool

buy $woofi




1. Connect Your Wallet
Connect your wallet in Pancakeswap that we provided.

2. Swap BNB for $WOOFI
Enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for.

3. Done!
After swapping, double-check your wallet – $WOOFI to see whether it has already appeared or reflected on your end; if it has, it’s BINGO!

Live chart


Why $woofi ?

NFT Staking

Your future lies on your hand, and you can control what you earn! Staking NFTs is one of the innovative feature of Woof Inu.

Locked LP on Pinksale / Extendable

Liquidity Pool will be locked and holders can assure that this is a legit project which aims to function for a long term. LP is extendable depending on the growth and support of the community.


Woof Inu works with a very low tax, maximizing the returns or profits to holders. Transaction fees is very affordable.

Huge Marketing Campaign

Collaboration with big and globally-known Crypto and Social media influencers. Woof Inu will be advertised in different platform to spread awareness about its greatness.

Dev Team Well Experienced

Developer team is composed of expert people in various field including marketing, development, cryptocurrency, financial and more.

Strong Security

This token incorporates anti-bot and anti snipe feature ensuring protection for the trading environment for Woof Inu community.


Built with potential features of security, privacy, transparency, and smooth flow of trading mechanisms for its users.

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